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Prevent fraud on Amazon and never miss a deal again.

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  • Why Coupot?
  • Coupons

Coupot can always find you an Amazon coupon.

  • Ads Free

Coupot does not accept any advertisement.

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Coupot does not require any signup.

  • Forever Free

Coupot is a forever free web extension.


What is Coupot?

Coupot is an extension for Amazon Buyers, providing coupons and brand info to users. Editors of Coupot continuously upload latest deals, brands information and help customers to prevent fraud and to save money.

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Major Features

  • Show the Brand Originated, Product Manufacture in and other information about the E-commerce Brand.

  • Show Coupons for the viewing product.

  • Show related products with Coupons.

  • Show latest Coupons in the Coupot database.

  • Auto applies clip-code Coupons.


Coupot levelup your shopping experience on Amazon. Many users found a better deal and also stay away from fraudulent products.


Coupot helps you to find local and reputable brands easily. It shows brand info.

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Coupot shows the major sourcing country of the brand.

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Coupot shows trending deals and coupons on Internet for you.

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Coupot shows related products (of viewing one) with deals to you.

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Our users save money on an instant. We collect deals on a hourly basis.

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Although our extension is free of charge, we still provide technical support.

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Buy Smart with our Ultimate Amazon Chrome Extension.

You will never miss a deal with the coupot extension.

How it works


Marketplace Supported

Coupot support Amazon marketplaces including US, DE, FR, IT, ES, UK, and CA.


Being Online

Coupot has been online for 1 Week and our team is putting all the efforts into it.



Our team provide the whole solution in one pack to safeguard your shopping experience.

How safeguard works

Know the Brand Better

Coupot will show up on the product page with the brand info. For example, you will now know Anker is a brand originated from China and also manufacture in China.

  • Currently, the brand info works perfectly in the EU and UK marketplace.

  • Coupot team is working to save more e-commerce brand info.

Check All In-Cart Coupons

Coupot is shown in the cart page and you can check all the products’ coupons easily. You will never miss a deal again.

  • If a product has no deal, it will show you a phrase to inform you.

  • All the coupons are selected and inputted manually by the team of Coupot.


Apply Coupon at the Order Page

1-Click is all you need to apply the coupon in the order page. Coupot will automatically apply the coupons for you and if it fails, Coupot team will be informed.

  • Some coupons can only be applied on the order page.

  • Coupot team will receive an alert from you if the coupon is invalid.

How it works?

Simple enough for everyone, even you are not familiar with Chrome.


Solving the Amazon biggest problems

Nowadays, there are more and more sellers and brand on Amazon and we believe customers need us to help them recognise which brand is the most worthy to buy.

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