awful product from amazon and walmart

Today, we are talking about something special, which is disliked and share the bad memory of some awful products on Amazon and Walmart. And the following experience is provided by one of our chrome extension users. Thus, you should be careful about these following products and brand when you have seen on Amazon or Walmart.

Let’s start.

Shopping for my wife and I is one of those areas where our differences enable us to get the best. I love online shopping, and so Amazon is my favorite while she loves physical stores, and so for her, Walmart is the place. Although the vast range of products in both stores has been invaluable, we have had our fair share of awful products. Here are the top four that we regret ever buying.

1. SoftHeat Electric Blanket

SoftHeat Electric Blanket

Beating the cold winter nights often needs going all extra. We came across an article about electric blankets and how they are effective at keeping warm while cutting down on power bills. And so, we bought one of them from Amazon, the SoftHeat electric blanket. It had ten heat settings, affordable, an auto-shut off feature, and other pros, I mean it sounded perfect for us.

However, within a month, it dawned on us just how horrible the product was. At first, we noticed that it was slow at heating up. It did not just get warm enough in time, but we ignored it thinking it was just our over-ambitiousness. Besides, The size was also smaller than we had expected and we had to combine it with our duvet, which is not a great idea.

The biggest shock, however, came when my wife woke me up in the middle of the night to the smell of something burning. And there it was, right before our eyes, the electric blanket had caught fire. You can’t imagine the shock we were in seeing it n fire. We managed to put it out in time, but we were scared. What if my wife was not a light sleeper? What if she did not wake up in time?

So, we went back online the following day and discovered from the reviews that it was not only our electric blanket that had caught fire, several other customers had complained of it. You can guess the kind of review we left too. I extremely regret buying this awful thing, and never use any heat blanket since that happened.

2. Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn

Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn

It is said that if there is a problem, the internet has a solution. So, in 2017, I decided to find a solution for our patchy grass lawn. I was thinking of some fertilizer or breed of grass that grows fast, but I found a magical product, the Hydro Mousse liquid lawn system. According to the product description, it was put up as the perfect solution to dry spots, patchy lawns, dog spots, shades, and high traffic areas. And just like that, I was convinced to order for it quickly.

The day after the package arrived, I woke up early to sort out the lawn before my wife and son woke up. So, I wanted to surprise them with the ultimate even lawn, green from end to end. But I had no idea the shock waiting for us. I guess the shock was the surprise, hahaha.

I planned to reseed the patchy areas while giving them a beautiful green color before the grass grew back. However, all I made was an inconsistent sloppy mess. First, it was overrated, the supposed 100sq feet that are supposed to be covered by it turned out to be way less than even 50sq feet. Secondly, the instructions were wrong, and I had to wake my wife up to search for the proper instructions online.

It also made a mess all over my hands, lawn, and even the driveway. It flowed off the area I applied and did not even look like any green I had seen on the product descriptions.

To sum everything up, this liquid lawn was an awful product because of:

•Makes an inconsistent sloppy mess
•Covers an area much less than the description
•The instructions are misleading

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3. Your Baby Week by Week

awful baby guide book

And oh, there is a parenting guide called our Baby Week by Week’. Honestly, when we had him, we had no idea what to do. It was a couple of days since leaving the hospital, and we were struggling with sleepless nights when my wife bumped onto a possible solution, a parenting guide.

We sighed when it was finally delivered, but when we went through it, hoping for a solution, we realized just how absurd it was. The reason is that we found it was highly theoretical. But the only the worst part is when it suggested that we let our precious new baby cry it out until they fall asleep. It advised that we let him cry and only intervene when he vomits where we clean him without looking at him and let him cry it out. Really? That’s neglect.

My wife was infuriated so much that she threw it off. Until today, we design to list it here because:

•It encourages child neglect by suggesting CIO
•It is highly theoretical

4. Refurbished Philips 55″ 4k Smart TV

And talking of Walmart, another unforgettable experience was when we bought a refurbished television from them. Indeed, which guy would resist a Philips 55″ smart TV with a 4k display at a ridiculously affordable price. And of course, I was shopping for it from the comfort of our bed, what a magical thing about online shopping.

We were excited when the package arrived. Our son was even way more excited because the 32″ TV that we were replacing would find its way to his bedroom. And then our hopes sank when we opened it. The screen was broken, and it was in a sorry state. Thus, we quickly went back online and realized that some of the other customers had complained about the same problem. Accordingly, that is a reason why I usually shop on Amazon instead of Walmart due to the quality of delivery service. Although there was an option of returning for a replacement, I was not willing to risk it with refurbished products again.

In the end, I decided to spend more for a brand-new similar television, which we went to the Walmart physical store and took off the shelves. We had learned our lesson the hard way.

Shopping is an exciting experience, but at times you may land on an awful product. No doubt, we have had lots of amazing products from both Amazon and Walmart, but the above four are some of the worst we have bought and regretted our decision. Hence, the greatest lesson that we have learned is that before you purchase anything, not only look at reviews below the product but also take a look at other blog and forum on the internet.

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