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Now Essential Oils

now essential oil

Now Essential Oils are very high quality, and they come in well-made, easy to open containers specifically made to keep out UV light, so the oils last longer. Their larger size bottles don’t come with droppers (which is unfortunate), but a smaller plastic dropper with the small size. It is undeniable that the scents are strong and authentic, and though some cost a little more than the others, they’re all worth the cost. Now essential oil isn’t the best company out there for essential oils, but if you want to buy some quality oils without breaking the bank, they’re a great choice.


Lavender scented oils often smell artificial or medicinal, but Now’s lavender scent is very authentic and pleasant smell. It works great to add a few drops to the laundry or put on a drop on your pillow to help you sleep at night. Whatever you do with it, it makes the whole house smell better, and it’s such a relaxing scent. As mentioned, ordering a bigger bottle means you’ll have to get your own dropper, but it really depends on how much you need.


This scent is very soothing, great for relieving irritated sinuses, allergies, and asthma. Just like the lavender, it’s a quality scent and is excellent for a variety of purposes, and it works well no matter what you use it for. If you like eucalyptus, this is a great product, especially it isn’t that expensive. Despite there are a lot of options when it comes to essential oils, and this one is a good pick–high quality, inexpensive, and soothing.


The orange scented oil is a lot common and cheaper than the lavender or the eucalyptus, which is easy to understand since oranges are easier to get (although it does take a lot of them to make a bottle of essential oil). Again, the scent is strong, a sweet, citrus smell, and it makes the whole house smell happy and summery. For this scent, you can choose to order a glass dropper with the 4 oz bottle for just a couple dollars more, which is excellent if you want to order a bigger bottle and still have a dropper. Plus, you can always wash out the dropper and use it for another scent.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy oils are a good product. They aren’t too expensive, they have high-quality oils and scents, and their bottles also protect the oil from UV light exposure. Another positive is that this company also sells a lot of kid-friendly oils, so if you want to purchase essential oils for your children, this is the place to go (although many oils can be kid-friendly if you dilute them enough). One bad thing about this company is that they don’t accept returns, so if you aren’t happy with their essential oil you can’t send it back.

Ylang Ylang

This scent is extremely high quality and very relaxing. There aren’t a lot of negative things to say about it, really–it’s great! The only possible downside is that it is pretty sweet, so if you’re looking for something more subtle, you might want to choose a different scent. Otherwise, this is definitely a great choice, probably their best one!

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Regard the Plant Therapy lavender, if you just open up the bottle and smell it, it does not have a pleasant scent at all due to the strong scent. However, if you dilute it, the smell is very enjoyable. So, really, it depends on what you want to use it for. If you don’t intend on diluting this oil or you don’t want to, don’t buy this product. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good purchase, especially since it’s being sold at such a reasonable price (only $7).


Peppermint is such a great, classic scent and Plant Therapy did a fantastic job with it. This oil is very refreshing and perfect for any essential oil diffuser. No doubt, it makes the air smell fresh and improves the environment in any space. Also, it’s great if you’re looking to repel mosquitoes (apparently they don’t like peppermint, and this really works!). Accordingly, whatever you need it for, this peppermint oil is a great choice.

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Although Rocky Mountain oils can be a little expensive, they are very high quality, and this company has incredible customer service. Furthermore, they have a long list of interesting, creative scents that are relaxing and enjoyable, and they respond well to customer questions or complaints. This is a company that cares about what it’s doing and releases great products.https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/615zFH%2BXlIL._SX522_.jpg

Lavender Greece

The scent of this oil isn’t too strong, and it’s a pleasant, soothing aroma that is great to help you relax or fall asleep. It’s $23, which is a little expensive (though not too bad when it comes to high-quality essential oils), but it’s worth the price if you’re looking for an authentic lavender scent.


Rocky Mountain Essential Oils – Tranquility is a blend of different oils, and it has powerful, calming, citrus scent that is great for relieving stress. It is more expensive than the lavender scent, but it isn’t necessarily better–it just smells different, so it depends on your taste. Both are really high quality, natural oils that make your home a more tranquil place. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/617H2kIVCaL._SY679_.jpg


This scent is less expensive than the others as same as the orange one, so if you’re looking for something cheaper, this is a great choice. Like the real lemon, it’s a refreshing, purifying scent that lasts for a long time, and it blends really well with other scents. Meanwhile, lemon is more simple than Tranquility or some of the company’s other creations, but this product does a great job of capturing lemon’s essence and producing a lovely aroma. If you want lemon, this is one of the best oils out there.

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