can dog eat strawberries

Dogs often want to join us when we eat. They always try to get a bite from us, but sometimes that can be very dangerous or even deadly. Therefore, here we list some foods that your dog should never eat and also mention how to help them if they accidentally eat those foods.

You might have thought or heard about, that all fruits are bad for dogs, but sometimes that is not the case. For example, the dog can eat some types of berries including strawberries and some other fruits like blueberries, vegetables, such as bananas, carrots, cucumbers, melons, and so forth.

In the beginning, we would like to tell you how to feed your dog strawberries properly, and after that, give you a list of foods that you should NEVER feed them.

1. Strawberries
You can give your dog strawberries in moderate amounts but not unlimited due to the sugar in it. The strawberries is high in water, fiber, vitamin C, and good for your dog’s teeth. Also, it is rich in antioxidants, which is good for humans and many other animals. Accordingly, if you decide to feed your dog with strawberries, you should wash them well to remove any trace of chemicals or dirt. Besides, remember you should also cut them in smaller pieces to avoid any choking hazard. Please keep in mind, an overdose of strawberries can cause your diarrhea or digestive problems.

2. NEVER: Grapes and raisins

can dog eat grapes

There isn’t much data about reasons, of why, grapes and raisins are so toxic for your dog, but indeed they are. They can cause kidney failure in a dog, which is very serious. Also, it is as bad for cats too. Due to this sever problem could cause, if you find your dog eating grapes or raisins in an accident, try to induce vomit as fast as you can. Besides, you should keep your eyes on them and call your vet immediately if they start to vomit after that.

3. NEVER: Avocados

can dog eat avocade

Avocados contain persin which is safe for humans in low concentrations. A small amount of avocado can make your dog vomit and also induce diarrhea. Another dangerous thing about avocados to your doggy is the possibility of choking with the avocado seed. Hence, keep avocados and avocado seeds away from your dog.

4. NEVER: Alcohol
In any circumstances, you should NEVER ever give alcohol to your dog, (or cat), or any other animal. As a liable pet owner, don’t think about this. Alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, and in the worst case scenario is death. If by some mistake, your dog has come in contact with alcohol, give him some medicinal charcoal and take him to the vet immediately.

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5. NEVER: Xylitol and other artificial sweeteners
Xylitol is in the family of artificial sweeteners. It is usually used in candy and gum, pastries and diet products. Regard to your dog, it can be quickly absorbed. As a result, it causes the dog’s pancreas to release large amounts of insulin. In this case, a rapid decrease in blood sugar levels and consequentially can lead to liver failure. Thus, keep your diet candy, gum or a container with xylitol far away from your dog and make sure the dog never gets in touch with it. If something like that happens, take him to the vet immediately.

6. NEVER: Caffeine

Caffeine is poison to your dog

Sodas, energy drinks, coffee, and tea or even raw beans of coffee, can kill your best friend. Furthermore, that includes coffee flavored candy, drinks, and ice cream. Remember to keep all the caffeinated products away from your dog. However, don’t panic if your dog licks a few drops of coffee from the floor instead of if they drink or ingest any more than that. The result of this can make them restless, confused and even cause death, which means you must get them to the vet as fast as you can.

7. NEVER: Onions, chives, and garlic
Some people might even head about that onion is good for their dog. In fact, it’s poison to them. Meanwhile, it doesn’t make a difference if the onion or garlic is raw, dehydrated or cooked, all of these will kill your dog’s (or cat’s) red blood cells. Eating too much of any of these can cause poisoning in a dog as red blood cell functioning to transport oxygen to the whole body. Accordingly, you shouldn’t share a meal that you have prepared with either of these. If your dog accidentally eats something like that, keep a close watch. In contrast, if your dog intakes large amounts, they should see the vet.

8. NEVER: Chocolate

chocolate is poison to your dog

Chocolate can even cause death in your dog. Theobromine in chocolate is not harmful to humans but is toxic for dogs. Also, the darker the chocolate, the more of theobromine it contains. As a result, your dog can vomit, get diarrhea and get dehydrated. When it comes to large amounts, your dog can get seizures, abnormal heart rhythm or even death. However, there are some “chocolates” in specialized pet stores, made solely for dogs which is safe to them. Just in case, do your research on those if you are planning to buy a snack like that. Never feed your dog “human” chocolate, but in case it happens, call the vet right away.

9. NEVER: Cherries, apple and apricot seeds

apricot seed should not feed your dog

While dogs can eat strawberries and blueberries in moderation, cherries are off the list. The cherry and the seeds contain cyanide which will disrupt oxygen transport that is toxic for dogs (so do an apple and apricot seeds). So, if you caught your dog feasting on cherries, look for signs like; heavy breathing, red gums or dilated pupils which are all signs of cyanide poisoning. Although it is poison to your dog, you can stay tune if they intake just 1 cherry, you can keep a close watch. In other cases, take him to the vet.

10. NEVER: Medication
Don’t ever leave your pills exposed around the house, as your dog or any other pet might swallow them and depending on the pill, might even cause death. If you catch your dog gobbling your pills, immediately induce vomiting and take him to the vet.

11. NEVER: Too much salt, raw eggs or raw meat
Raw eggs or meat, can in some cases cause food poisoning. Thus, avoid giving your dog raw eggs and meat, but cooked or baked eggs can be a tasty treat for your dog. Please remember too much salt for your dog can end in diarrhea, vomiting, depressions, high body temperature, seizures, or even death. Overall, be careful about the daily diet.

In most of the cases of your dog, if your dog is ingesting toxic foods or poison, you have to monitor it in case nothing happened. Also, the consequence is depending on the size of the dog and the amount of toxic food ingested. What’s more, the most critical action to save your dog is to Induce vomit and immediately visit a veterinarian.

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