Best Vacuum Cleaner for House Cleaning

The importance of proper hygiene in homes cannot be over-emphasized. It is essential to keep every part of your home flawlessly clean. When you have a large house, vacuuming it can be a handful, but you just have to do it or pay some medical bills. While the internet is awash with various cleaning tips and cleaning tricks to make your job easier, you can’t possibly clean your entire home without a great vacuum cleaner. Your choice of vacuum contributes so much to the cleaning of your home, which is why this article reviews some fantastic vacuum cleaners that you can try.

When you combine some cleaning tricks to use of any of the vacuums reviewed below, you can only get encouraging results. It is good with any of them.

1. Shop-Vac 5989300 Wet Dry Vacuum

One of the most attractive features of this vacuum cleaner is its visual appeal. Stainless steel body and some parts in black plastic with a touch of red will always be a winning combination. Secondly, it is not only a vacuum; it also has a dedicated port for blowing. Call it a 2-in-1 vacuum and you won’t go wrong. Although its huge size is quite intimidating (like a robot), the rollers at its feet make it as docile as your kitten. It will always follow you around with no resistance. The real tradeoff for the size is its 5-gallon tank that takes several vacuuming sessions before it gets full. A 4.5 HP motor and a 7-foot hose are worthy of mention too.

wet dry vacuum cleaner


•Its 4.5 HP motor offers excellent suction power.
•The beast comes with a 3-year warranty.
•It is elegant and visually appealing.
•Thanks to its 5-gallon tank, you don’t have to empty it after every vacuuming session.
•It also has a blower.
•In addition to the rollers at its feet, there are top and side handles for easy carrying.
•Users commend the numerous accessories that come with it.
•It is quite durable.


•Its manual is not easy to understand
•It is large and will consume quite a large chunk of space in your home.
•Its power cord is too short for its size and this makes it less maneuverable.


Despite its few cons, it is still a vacuum that recommended. Its fantastic suction power will leave your home very clean.

2. Vacmaster VBV1210 12 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

frugal Vacmaster vacuum cleaner

5-HP motor and 12-gallon tank isn’t an easy-to-beat combination. By pressing a small button, you will enjoy a 210 MPH blowing power in addition to its powerful suction. Having a 12-foot cord may not be too impressive for its size, but it is not a bad idea either.


•This product also comes with 2 years warranty.
•It offers 210 MPH blowing power.
•If you don’t put it to commercial use, it will take ages to fill its 12-gallon tank.
•There are rollers for ease of mobility.
•In terms of durability, its sturdy, tough, and rugged look leave you with no question.
•Its 5 HP output will leave your entire home flawlessly clean.


•It is very heavy and it is expensive.
•It will also take a lot of space.


Being expensive should not be a problem because the quality isn’t cheap. It will pay for the space it consumes and its cost by giving you a pristine home. Of course, you need to have a big house to explore this tough guy entirely.

3. Wagan 750 Wet and Dry Ultra Vac with Air Inflator

portable vacuum cleaner

This is for people who need a very affordable vacuum cleaner. As a matter of fact, its performance is not quite impressive but coming at a price lower than $20 is a great explanation. One thing you can’t take away from this product is its portability. It is so light that your 10-year old kid can handle it.

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•It is one of the most affordable vacuums on Amazon. It costs just $18.59.
•You will also like its compactness and lightness.
•You can use it to inflate an air mattress.
•The yellow and black color combination isn’t a bad one.


•There is no seal between the upper part and the vacuum, so debris sometimes shoots out while in use.
• Full of plastic.
•It’s suction power isn’t impressive.


Affordability and portability are features that brought this vacuum into this list. You may enjoy it if you live alone, but if you have toddlers and at least one pet, this product cannot serve you. Look for another one.

4. DeWALT 16 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vacuum

If you think 5 Peak Horse Power is impressive, how would you describe a machine with 6.5 Peak Horse Power suction? Add its 20-foot power cord and 16-gallon tank so that you may never use another vacuum cleaner again. There is simply no amount of debris that can satisfy this “monster”. Don’t worry about moving it around. It’s back tires and front swiveling casters have made mobility super-easy.


•Its best feature is its hard-to-match 6.5 Peak Horse Power suction.
•Although it has a 16-gallon tank, you have to empty it often to lengthen the lifespan of its back tires.
•Its sturdy and robust frame makes for durability.
•Its tires and swiveling front casters collectively ease mobility.
•The vacuum is very quiet.
•A 20-foot power cord is worthy of commendation.


•Transporting a 30.6 pounder can’t possibly be an easy job.
•It is super costly.
•It will also take a considerable amount of storage space.
•Its back tires are not quite durable. They will cave into the weight of a full 16-gallon tank. That is why you should empty the tank whenever it is half full.

DeWALT frugal vacuum


Its weight and the storage space are nothing compared to what this cleaning beast delivers. While its price is on the high side, the possibility of outlasting several cheaper vacuums justifies the price. This vacuum cleaner is highly recommended if the cost is not a constraint.

5. Vacmaster VQ607SFD 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

Vacmaster clean your house

The fact that this is the second Vacmaster product means that the brand is indeed a master in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. Its full stainless body makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. 3 Peak Horse Power suction, 12-foot power cord, and a 6-gallon tank should deliver excellent cleaning services.


•It comes in a full stainless steel body that makes it resistant to rust.
•There is a 2-year warranty on it.
•The 12-foot power cord increases its maneuverability.
•With its 6-gallon tank, you don’t have to empty it after every session.
•It comes with some rollers for mobility.


•The product does not do so well with brass shavings.
•$67.20 is a little too high for its performance.


While it may not be so impressive, it is not a waste of money either. Comparing its price to its performance, it is safe to say it is a good vacuum but not a great one.

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