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We all have a friend or colleague that we have tried pulling a prank on but have never really gotten to do so. Gag gifts are a fantastic way to pull off a prank on someone in some subtle way. You are sure to express both love and your humorous side of life with one of these creative gift ideas. The following is a list of gag gifts ideas that you may choose from to surprise someone that you care for or even someone just pisses you off.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

gag gift golf game

If there is a gift that is sure to give you and the person you are gifting it a good laugh when you present it, then it must be a Potty Putter Toile Time Golf Game. For a friend that loves golf or even one that enjoys taking their phone with them to the toilet, this is heaven sent in disguise. With this gift, your friend or colleague will love it or better yet, you will get pinched for it, whichever goes.

NPW-USA Sound Machine

gag gift Sound Machine

This 16-sound hilarious sound machine is a great gag gift idea for anyone that loves to imitate sounds. Whether you are gifting it to your pun-loving child or a colleague that likes to crack your ribs at work, this sound machine will make for an unforgettable type of gift. It fits perfectly in hand, thus allowing you to carry it around all day, making funny sounds with it. With this in your place of work, Monday blues are sure to be a thing of the past and for good.

I PEE IN POOLS Funny Adult Cap

pee in pool

There is no sure way to turn heads around on a day out at the swimming pool than with this gag gift ‘I pee in pools’ funny cap. From the sheer audacity of putting it on and even getting into the pool after alarming everyone around and giving them a hearty laugh, you will love the effect that this cap has on people. Also, this high-quality cap is a great way to guard against sunburns on your face on a sunny day.

BigMouth Inc Exercise Block

exercise gag gift

Do you think your friend, child or boss may need some help exercising, get them this funny gag gift exercise block to help them? With clear writings on it encouraging regular exercise in a pun-filled manner, this is a great Amazon gag gift idea that you may want to explore today. I believe you will fall in love with the hilarious instructions written on it.

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Bamomby 3D Men Beer Belly Waist Pack

men beer belly

Does your friend Tommy love drinking beer and you are worried he will soon have a beer potty to show for it, why not make some fun of him as you try to persuade him to cut down on consumption? This funny beer belly waist pack with 3D effects resembles an actual beer potty and will do a lot to bring a dramatic impact to his life and help him cut down on beer.

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

gag gift Toilet Fishing Game

If you and your friends love going out fishing, then this gag gift is the ultimate pun gift idea you can get one of the guys on the crew. We won’t go into their toilet frequency tendencies, but this is a gift that will keep them busy while there. Let them drop as they pick and for a while get them off the trend of going to the toilet with their mobile phone in tow.

BigMouth Inc Beer Pill Prescription Bottle

gag gift beer pill bottle

For beer lovers, this is an excellent way of getting their daily dose of ‘vitamin D-drunkenness.’ This funny gag gift idea will be appreciated by your friends who love beer. The toy helps to keep beer cool and is a fantastic way to enjoy a game on TV while at home without having to run back and forth from the fridge looking for ice.

Kama Pootra

gift Kama Pootra

Is your friend an avid reader? If YES, then why not get them a funny gag gift in the form of a book? This 52 guide book on how to poo will be a great and hilarious read for any person that you gift it to. Thanks to its hardcover version, your friend can keep it for a long time to come and even pass it on to other friends and their kids as well. Everyone needs to learn how to poop, and this is the best gag gift to guide them on the best way to do.

Fifty Shades of Chicken Parody Cookbook

gag gift book

Do you and squad love to cook? Or do you think that one of your friends cooks pathetic chicken and his or her skills may need a revamp? Then this is the right cookbook to get them. A funny gag gift idea for anyone that loves or is into the chicken, you will never go wrong when you pick out this book for them. For finger-licking chicken at your next cookout, this cookbook is the best asset to have.

BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug

gag gift Toilet Mug

How does your spouse love his or her coffee, cold or warm? How about spicing it up with a toilet mug? Great idea, right? Well, you can make that a reality by getting him or her this toilet mug to spice up that coffee or tea that they are drinking. These ceramic toilet mugs are the perfect idea for any pun-loving avid tea or coffee drinker.

Giving our loved one a gift is a tradition that has been there for a long time. The fact that we do not have to wait for special occasions to gift people and gag gifts a perfect fit for this. You can surprise your loved ones with a funny gag gift at any time, and you can be sure you will blow their mind away. Try one of these gag gifts today.

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