Slickdeals, Dealnews, o Dealmoon Which is Best Coupon Website

It is always ones wish to save up on all the things we want to buy. Saving a couple of dollars by either bargaining or having coupons is essential for one to cut the cost of living. Nowadays, discount services such as coupons are so prevalent than it was in the past as one would have to grab a newspaper to cut out coupons. With the tremendous change of technology, there has been an increase In the coupon website. They are dozens of dozens, and now that we have these website offering discount what distinguishes them from one another. Earning and saving from the coupon is much easier nowadays.

Count saving from coupon as an investment which has attracted many due to crazy deal toward their customers. In addition to that, reaching out to the customer wants is so essential. According to the current research, over 90% of buyers have confessed to using coupons in making their purchases. Thanks to coupon sites for helping us save money on the products we buy. Dealmoon, Slickdeals, and Dealnews are some of the coupon websites that have been on a rush in providing the majority of coupons to its customers. However, the question still stands, which is the best coupon website among them since no one will waste their time to find coupon codes on all coupon websites. Seeking to understand more, we look down to analyze one by one, so that we can make you get more discount with spending less time.


slickdeals logo

Slickdeals is one of the largest deal sharing community on the web in the US. With a million plus subscriptions of people. Besides, it is a one-stop shop for many deals such as coupons, sales, promo codes, rebates, and freebies across the tremendous amount of stores. Thus, this coupon website is enriched with great deals and has made it the most crowdsourced shopping platform for all coupon dealers and shoppers.

Slickdeals is about helping users have an experience of lowest prices with their favorite retailers. That it includes a front-page with full of information that is just a slice of the real deal. If you want to have a full taste of the deals, a free easy to do registration may uncover you a ton of tons of offers. Apart from all of these deal alerts and free giveaways, Slickdeals has ensured in the know social community that provides you are always at the forefront when it comes to making right buying decisions.

The ability to follow users is not common among coupon sites, but Slick deals allow one to track their favorite user and do reviews on their stats, reputation and coupon posted. Furthermore, enabling you to either upvote or downvote them, which is totally act as a community. Moreover, an enabled inbuilt research price history is recorded to ensure smooth navigation on the deals as you compare.

History and development of Slickdeals

Slickdeals coupon website started in the year 1999 by Van Trac as an E-commerce platform for shopping in the western US. In 2004, Slickdeals transited to a build community forum enhancing leverage and wisdom of crowds. With the primary goal of providing its customers with a collaborative avenue to share information to promote sound buying decisions. In 2010 it made progress on integration with other merchants and stores such as Walmart and shipping companies later on increasing its sales on advertisement by 80% traffic in the year 2013. In fact, Goldman Sachs who bought it at 2018 has led to its development on an amalgamation of businesses to provide services and products.

Pros and Cons of Slickdeals

– Pros

Slickdeals are tiered by great reviews and customer loyalty to come back. A large, user-friendly system in place within site is terrific. Besides, high customized alerts on the deals and products you would love to choose from are useful and impressive.

On the other hands, Slickdeals have great discussion forum enhanced with comment sections in which one can gather or add information concerning other dealers. This leveraged community makes more people eager and be able to connect deals based on interaction made. Thanks to the editors of Slickdeals ensure that every time their site is updated with current and real-time coupons to keep up added value for the website and enhance purchases. Slickdeals also has incorporated CSR measures to giving back to the community either individually or via deals posted.

slickdeals largest forum

Apart from all that, Slickdeals provides contact information for its client in case the process of buying becomes complicated. Fourthly, A strong customer service support is a place always in providing the necessary help. Lastly, frequent update of discounts and promo codes has enhanced the great community in both votes and posts.

Lastly, thread wiki is one of the new features in place that enables one to identify right creation on the post history. Hence, it enhances quick decision making and is controlled by users as long as it conforms to the stipulated rules. It acts efficiently in searching for more information on reviews on a dealer and products.

– Cons

However, there are increasingly more non-product deals showing on the front page, such as credit card and service. As a result, you may find difficult to find the stunning deal you want since you need to go deep into its forum. The last but not least, the unprofitability of some deals start to reduce a large amount of dealer since the upload requirements are pretty strict.


dealmoon logo

Dealmoon is one of the most fabulous online shopping company either. Involving various activities of discount, promotions, and coupons for all categories. It is a Chinese based online shopping located in San Francisco, USA. Dealmoon offers a wide range of luxury bargain online majorly focusing on America as its demographics. Thus, being an elite and bargain-oriented coupon website with millions of customers makes it a high-end company of interest.

Dealmoon’s strategy and foremost goals are providing luxury, marketing brand-name, especially on beauty and fashion products. It has a huge social media followers and about 17 million clicks per month on the website. Providing services to a broad scope is essential, and with this, Dealmoon has grown to the extent of diversification to incorporate more shoppers and sell out its brand name.

In terms of the user experience, Dealmoon as a coupon website can allow dealers to advertise their products through an advertising feature located on the site. Apart from that, Dealmoon also with many employees as the editors to ensure that deals are selected on every day with price drops and deliver to customers efficiently. It has promotional deals such as Black Friday and a singles day where sales and discounts are imaginable.

A related product feature must be mentioned about Dealmoon. It has allowed shoppers to see what is around them or from their previous purchases, which are tiered by the history of purchases and location services. Which can also be used to search for closest shoppers, and one can see what they are shopping. Dealmoon has incorporated friends nearby feature that enables one to connect with others, buy together, and provide social interaction. Besides, users can find recommendation and personal reviews.

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History and development of Dealmoon

It started the year 2009 at the Bay area, primarily focusing on beauty segment of the market, and with years it has tremendously diversified to fashion also. Cultivating a consumer shopper base is another strategy that has helped in the development of Dealmoon extensively, especially for those with the bargaining power. There is no doubt that its rapid growth has been notable over the years and has increased integration with various online shopping sites such as Amazon. Jennifer Wag is the Executive Director and the founder of Dealmoon alongside other partners.

Pros and cons of Dealmoon

dealmoon large community

– Pros

Some of the notable advantages of using Dealmoon, primarily on lifestyle shopping, is that it has great deals, especially on some defined seasons and weeks. Also, the active community on Dealmoon provide many useful comment and conversation of some heat products. Secondly, with significant social influence, Dealmoon has increased sales and providing shopping discounts on all niches apart from lifestyle only. Thirdly, it helps move the inventory in the example of using more compelling products from merchants with low cost of goods sold and handle the price deal to promote the product. Accordingly, not only shopper can get a stunning deal but also the brand owner is easy to advertise their business efficiently. In addition, Dealmoon can allow customers to compare and apply for credit card offers at no foreign transaction fees.

– Cons

Dealmoon is one of the most magnificent online shopping sites. However, unfortunately, it faces various cons; such as neglecting of low-end bargain seekers since Dealmoon concentrates on luxury and millennial customers and promotion of brand name. Besides, its diversity in providing services is limited to a particular segment of the market. The most important is, the discussion or comment of the product is mainly in Chinese. In this case, you may get less product information or involvement if you are visiting the English version of Dealmoon.

dealmoon beauty category


dealnews logo

Dealnews is another coupon website with a ton of offers, with an average of 14 million subscriptions per month. Meanwhile, Dealnews can provide more than 500 new deals every weekday. Therefore, having such sales and kind of updates within the system, it makes it more efficient in attracting new customers each day on different niches. Other than other coupon sites that require the creation of account. Dealnews merely deals with email subscription with few offers, and from there you can decide to register but if not still you can get your notifications in any way. Getting to confirm deals through notifications is efficient and reliable.

Dealnews is easy to use and gives you the ability to choose what is most applicable to you as its shopper. At Dealnews editor’s choice feature makes it easier in promotion of self handpicked deals and promotions. Moreover, it is a hub of information with regular updated and outstanding content.

By Dealnews operation on a high trading landscape, it has combined proprietary data and human analytics to ensure that the user experience. Also, Dealnews has integrated Alert sites that enable it to monitor API projects of production. Thus, it is able to offer a great deal for its customers.

History and development of Dealnews

Daniel de Grape initiated Dealnews in 1997 alongside Richard Moss. Furthermore, in the 2006 Dealnews was awarded 100 best product title and in 2011 it was included in Gold and excellence awards and on same year it appeared on Washington Post and New York Times too. Meanwhiles, it has ventured to the incorporation of social media advertising through customized apps.

Pros and Cons of Dealnews

– Pros

First off, its user-friendliness makes it easier for one to navigate around the site and make purchases easily. Having this level of purchase freedom has increased trading volumes. Next, Dealnews has an efficient system ensuring good update of content primarily deals with priority. Thirdly, it is of diversified nature with increased offers ranging from, shipping offers, expiration dates to promo codes. Fourthly, the staff pick feature (editor choice) bring you confident to certain deals and products. Lastly, Dealnews has a constant and robust growing community to service its needs.

dealnews staff chioce

– Cons

Regard to this, Dealnews has recently faced the inconvenience of mobile payments, which seemed more complicated. On the other hands, there are many backlog deals that are huge in nature. Accordingly, the user may have to go an extra mile in search of active deals of the season that is not a pleasant experience. Most importantly, Dealnews offers very little customer interaction so that you may not get any further information.


There is no doubt that Dealmoon, Dealnews, and Slickdeals are among the top notched coupon sites in the US leading in coupon and discount offers. Also, coupon sites are growing to enhance the diversity of their products and service throughout the seasons. However, the user experience may differ from one to another coupon site, so are the deals too. As a result, users need to spend a different amount of time on the search for the deal. Thus, getting to choose the best coupon site to suit your demands that may range from customer satisfaction, website diversity, and increased save upon the products is essential to a shopper.

After reviewing which is the best coupon website among Dealmoon, Dealnews, and Slickdeals. I believe Slickdeals is cutting the edge of providing a vast range of deals among its users. With the largest forum community of coupon and deals, it shows significant usage and user experience. Not saying that Dealmoon and Dealnews are not best since each has different deals to offer and the ability to conform to the market share. The bottom line still stands that a good deal or promotion should attract more customers.

Last but not least, if you don’t want to waste your time on searching the coupon, you can still get a discount by our extension of Coupot. Editors of Coupot keep updating a large number of deals and brand information to it every day. Moreover, coupot will show the promo code of not only the product you are browsing but also the related product precisely. Accordingly, you will make your best choice with the best deal.

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