Saving Apps for online shopping

Online shopping has revolutionized access to products with giants like Amazon offering tons of products at discounts that allow you to save. Actually, you could save even more with certain apps. Plus, it is possible to get some of the cashback. Furthermore, the main feature of these saving extensions/apps makes you no longer to go hunting for those coupon codes from all around the internet.

Currently, you can enjoy countless saving apps by merely installing their chrome extensions on your web browser or mobile app. But what is the best saving app/chrome extension for online shopping? Here are the five best saving apps, how to use them, and an in-depth review of their functionality, including pros and cons. The most important thing need to be mention, the cashback extension/app you can only choose one since the others will not be activated even you install all of them. Hence, there is no way to rob the cashback from all the apps…Despite this, you still can use the coupon code from our Coupot to get discount immediately, and that would not conflict with the cashback, double saving!


One of the best browser extensions you can use is Honey that’s a favorite for many online shoppers. It can automatically search for coupon codes and applies them when you are checking out.

Honey homepage

Interesting, right? And it even goes further beyond just automating coupon code search. The browser extension will compare the available coupons and select the one that allows you to save the most. Thus, all you have to do is click.

Honey applying codes

Honey applying codes

Apart from this, It also has Honey Gold points where you get rewarded with points when you use Honey. You can redeem these points for the free gift making your shopping experience even more rewarding.

You can also use it on thousands of online stores including Sephora, Nike, eBay, Nordstrom, Expedia, Papa John’s Crew, QVC, Forever 21,, Euro Car Parts, Crate & Barrel, Kohl’s and tons of others.

Once you have installed and signed up, you will have access to honey coupon codes every time you visit the online store. When you click on the honey icon on the address bar, you will see all the coupon codes available for different items in the store as you can see in this image:

Honey extension coupons

Honey extension coupons

How to Save with Honey Extension

After you have your extension installed, follow these steps:

1. Visit Amazon and shop as you would normally do, adding the products to your cart

2. Click on the Honey Icon which will show you the available coupons

3. Click the apply Coupons’ button, and the discount will be automatically added

4. Hit continue to Checkout

As you can see in the example below, you can also save an item to your Droplist where the thing will be monitored by Honey for a while and notify you when the price drops. In this example, if the weighing scale price drops by at least 5% any time within 60 days, I will be notified to place my order.

Honey App price drop

Honey App price drop

Accordingly, you will be able to enjoy amazing discounts. Also, you can also head to the official site and search through impressive coupons that allow you to save as much as 63% as seen in this screenshot.
(Honey Amazon Codes screenshot)

Honey Gold Cash Back

It even gets more rewarding with the Honey Gold points of Honey. That means you get cashback when you use Honey. When you sign up, you earn 50 Honey Gold points, which will increase every time you purchase from the online store (as much as 20% depending on stores). These gold points can be redeemed for gift cards (1000 points to redeem $10 gift card) which you can use in many popular stores.

Honey Referral Program

The other way to earn is by referring people to Honey. For every person you refer, you receive 500 Honey Gold points worth $5. The beautiful part is you can refer as many friends as you can and earn enough money to do some serious shopping.

Pros and Cons of Honey

·It is a legit saving application, as countless online shoppers have successfully used it.
·It is free to install with intuitive design
·Time-saving as it automates the searching and application of coupon codes
·High cashback rates of up to 20% for some stores

· The number of the coupon is too limited for some stores such as Amazon
· Notification is not available if there is a coupon discount for the product you are browsing
·The coupons aren’t always available, and there are expired
·The customer support is not as good as expected


Ebates makes it possible for you by giving some cashback from the purchases you make at eligible stores. Not the gift card but the real money. And by eligible stores, I mean over 2500 stores including Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Lowe’s and Macy’s.

Ebates homepage

Ebates homepage

The Ebates chrome extension is a highly practical way to use the Ebates saving app and earn some money back on your shopping expenses. Meanwhile, the website is also easy to use and has a myriad of offers on cashing back on your purchases. As you can see in the image below, there are lots of hot deals on the website, even the double cashback offers.
(Ebates Double Cashback screenshot)

How Ebates Pays

When you purchase an item on Amazon with Ebates installed, you will earn a certain percentage of the purchase. For instance, if you bought a T-shirt worth $20, which has a 5% Ebates cashback, you will receive $1 in your Ebates account. The money is reflected in your account after seven days. In case you are wondering how then here is your answer. Actually, they earn a commission when you arrive on the store through them, and so they share a percentage of those earnings with you. Moreover, the cashback rate is different from stores to stores and even categories to categories (some of them may less than 3% such as eBay and Amazon, but some of them may reach to 10%).

Apart from that, please note that the payout is made quarterly. As a result, you will receive the cumulative amount within the three months through PayPal or Check. That is enough time for your earnings to grow to a sizeable amount.

Besides, you will also earn a $10 welcome bonus when you finish the shopping through Ebates by $25. When you are all set up and click on the icon, it should look something like this screenshot:

Ebates shopping

Ebates shopping

If you installed this extension, you can notice the following when you click on the E icon while shopping:

·Total earned- the amount you have earned as cashback and bonuses

·Cash back pending- the money earned from recent orders

·My Deals- offers (cashback rate) from different stores

·My orders- recently made orders whose amount will be displayed in cashback pending

·Get $$$- where you get your referral link so that you can invite friends and earn

How to Use the Ebates Chrome Extension

1. After you finished your installation, click on the Ebates icon when you open your browser and search for Amazon in the search box provided.

2. You will be directed to the Ebates site where you can select the store you are going to shop such as Amazon.
(Ebates hot deals screenshot)

3. Click on the “Shop Now” button on the right side of the category, and you will be directed to the store. Now you are free to shop as usually do.

After this one-time setting, Ebates extension will track your purchase and update your cashback balance.

Ebates Referral Program

You can earn a massive $25 for every person you refer to the site. The referral link is available under Get $$$ when you click on the icon. Also, the person you refer will earn a $10 bonus when finishing the signup and spend more than $25. Thus, you can earn as much as you can by getting more and more people to use Ebates. Cool, isn’t it? (Ebates Referral Screenshot)

Ebates Referral

Ebates Referral

Pros and Cons of Ebates

·Easy to install and use with its clear instructions
·Cashback can payout to your Paypal and not the gift card
·Free to install, cashback is available to a large number of stores
·Large earning potential in the referral program
·Great customer service

·They have been reports of missed payouts
·The quarterly payments mean too much waiting for the money
·Some products and categories are excluded from the cashback offer

#1 App for Amazon Shopping

Auto Amazon Coupons


There is another option to get your shopping cashback is by using TopCashback. It launched in 2005 in the UK and expanded to the US market in 2011, this product has been rapidly rising in popularity. The prominent part is you can cashback as much as 10% on your purchase on Amazon.

On the other hands, there is a Cashback notifier that can be installed in a browser to notify the user when an eligible product for cashback shows up in the search results. You can shop in over 5000 stores besides Amazon.

How does it work?

Topcashback redirecting

Topcashback redirecting

When you search for a shop on its website and head on to the merchant site to make a purchase, TopCashback earns a commission. Hence, it shares that commission with you as regular cashback App.

They also have coupons that you can use when checking out so that you pay less. You will, therefore, spend less and make money from your shopping through both coupon discount and cashback refund. The funds will be available in your account within 2-7 business days.

Referral Program

You can also make money through referrals, which allow you to earn $10 per referral. Accordingly, it’s also a great way to boost your total earnings. All you need to do is to share your link via Facebook, Twitter or email. In addition, the cashback payout also supports Paypal.

Topcashback referral

Topcashback referral

How to Use TopCashback Extension

One option is to open the official TopCashback site, as shown below and search for the store in the search box. Then, click on the store link and free to go.

Note that the product you want to shop for needs to be among the given categories for you to earn cashback. When you click on the category, you will be directed to store as usual, and your visit will be recorded. You will earn cashback on the purchases you make.

Pros and Cons of TopCashback


· Also Free and easy to use
· Many stores are supported outside the USA such as
· No minimum payout amount
· The notifier works right from the search results in the search engines to the stores to get you the best deal
· 5% bonus cash back when choosing Gift Cards


· The notifier is not as functional as the other browser extensions, it is fully functional in the USA
· Limited categories of products that are eligible


A reasonably new saving app for online shopping that is quickly gaining popularity is Coupot. It is specially designed for Amazon and so offers impressive functionality if you like shopping on Amazon. Since its launch in May 2019, it has been rapidly gaining users and is quickly mounting competition for those services that have been in existence for years.

Coupot focuses on providing coupon codes for you to get the best deal possible at the lowest price. Furthermore, it combines the provision of discount compared to the related product and also brand information to help you make an informed decision while shopping.

Coupot home

Coupot home

How does it work?

The coupon feature works by actively searching and applying the best coupon codes and will show how much you will save when you opt for a product. You can copy the best coupon code provided and will be able to apply it during the checkout process.

Coupot coupon

Coupot coupon

From the screenshot above, it also shows you other related products which coupon discount is also available to them. The benefit of this feature is that you can see the price of similar products and how much you will save with the available coupon. You will, therefore, be able to settle for the best bargain.

Latest Deals

On the other hands, it also goes further to display the latest deals that allow you to make huge savings in case you are looking for other products. Meanwhiles, these products are selected by the editors of Coupot and updated every single day. Therefore, you will be alerted of products whose products have dropped so that you can make use of the offer period while it lasts. You will get all these impressive things by clicking on an ave with Coupon’ button below the item title.

Brand Information

Coupot Brand Information

Coupot Brand Information

A feature that makes Coupot outstanding is the brand information feature. It allows you to get critical information which may often be missed or left out. In most cases, when you are shopping online, the first thing you may consider is the origin of the product since the country of the manufacturer may determine the quality of the product. Accordingly, Coupot is here to provides this information for you. Also, it shows professional feedback and reviews about the item from blogs and forums to complement the Amazon reviews in helping you make an informed decision.

How to Use Coupot Chrome Extension

1. Head to the Amazon online store and search for your product as you normally would do

2. Click on the Save with coupon button under the item title and select clip or select a related product with more savings (if there are coupon discount for this product or the related products)

3. Proceed to Checkout as usual, and the codes will be automatically applied

#1 App for Amazon Shopping

Auto Amazon Coupons

Pros and Cons of Coupot

·No need for sign up
·Free to install and easy to use
·Valuable product information to guide your decision making
·A high number of coupon codes to help you save
·Quick access to related products and latest deals which make sure you make your best choice with best deals
· Support different country including UK, CA, IN and so on.

· Only available on Amazon
· Only support to Chrome browser
· No cash back option


The final saving option in this list of the best five is Wikibuy, a potent tool that can transform your shopping experience when it comes to saving. It also automatically searches through coupon codes to offer you the best discount that you can choose from when on the product window.

Besides, you can also place an item on your watch list and get notified when its price goes lower. In addition, Wikibuy will notice you if there is a lower price but some product they found from the other stores such as eBay.

Wikibuy watchlist

Wikibuy watchlist

How does it work?

The operating basis of the browser extension is to automatically search through all the available coupon codes for the item for which you are shopping. It also displays a green badge on the eligible products on the Amazon product page and notices you how much you could save if you buy from other stores. Besides, the price tracking feature allows you to make huge savings while shopping.

How to Use Wikibuy Chrome Extension

You will be surprised at how easy it is to use this feature. All you need to do is to head on to Amazon and search for a product as you would typically do. Click on the item you want, and the extension will automatically search for coupon codes and pop up a notification if found. You can click on Code’ to apply the code as shown in the image below:

WikiBuy found code

WikiBuy found code

Pros and Cons of Wikibuy

·Free to install and easy to use
·Offers an option to add items on your watchlist
·Earns $5 for Inviting friends

·There can be glitches in price comparison
·The shipping availability can be at times misleading


Nothing gets better than being able to save while shopping. The above apps help you save significantly while shopping through their coupon codes and other features. More importantly, you can even get some cash back when you use Ebates, Honey or TopCashBack. Wikibuy is also a great saving tool that you can opt for currently. However, Coupot that is relatively new has proved to be impressive if you plan to shop on Amazon. Again, use the coupon code from our Coupot together with the cashback app can maximize your saving.

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